Each piercing at Talent Tattoo & Body Piercing is done by Dylan Horsch a highly trained professional using a single-use, laser-cut piercing needle. All jewelry used is put through a sterilization process using an autoclave at the time of your appointment. Fees depend on the location of the piercing and the jewelry chosen. Call or email us if you have a question about a specific piece of jewelry or type of piercing and we’ll be happy to assist.

You must be 14 years old with a physical state or federal ID and birth certificate on your person at the time of your appointment to get pierced at Talent Tattoo, no exceptions.

You may not be pierced if you are pregnant or nursing. There is a maximum of 3 piercings per person in one sitting. We recommend not having more than 3 healing piercings at one time, as it puts additional stress on the body and can prolong the healing process.

We perform the following piercings

Ear, lip, nose, nipple, tongue, navel, eyebrow, and more!

All bodies are different and piercings are anatomy-specific. When you get to Talent Tattoo & Body Piercing, our experienced team will walk you through the piercing and jewelry selection process, answering any questions you have and offering expert styling advice. If the piercing you’ve been considering doesn’t work with your body, our team will talk you through options that will.

We do not offer cheek piercings, tongue web piercings, horizontal tongue piercings, or surface anchors as they are semi-permanent.

Girl getting her eyebrow pierced in Kansas City
Close up of a navel belly button piercing in kansas city

Jewelry And Pricing

Piercing jewelry consists of customizable, moving parts and comes in many metals, gauges, lengths and diameters. The below prices are provided here as a guide and do not include piercing – if you have specific questions on pricing, please call or email the shop. We sell only the highest quality fine body jewelry made with 14k and/or 18k yellow, rose, and white gold, implant grade titanium, or implant grade steel.

Please note that some jewelry is not appropriate for fresh piercings, certain piercings require specific jewelry, and both piercing and jewelry are both anatomy-specific.

Our Jewelry stock is ever changing & constantly improving, for questions about any of our current jewelry selections please feel free to call us at 913-335-1112

Piercing FAQs

I have been feeling a little under the weather. Can I still get a piercing?2023-02-06T14:15:18+00:00

If you are sick, please (please please please) stay home. Our piercers value their health as well as the health of their families, so we do not want to be in close contact with anyone sick.

If you are unwell we will reschedule your appointment and give you priority in our schedule in order to get you in as soon as possible once you are feeling better. Our piercers reserve the right to cancel your appointment on the spot if you show up for your piercing visibly unwell.

What can I do to help my piercer?2022-11-01T15:08:59+00:00

Be honest about any health concerns, your piercer is a professional and has a responsibility under data protection to work in a confidential manner. Be honest if you do not like the position your piercer has suggested for your piercing. It is your piercing, take the time to look at where the potential piercing will be sited, for example with a facial piercing smile/frown/pout, etc. with body piercings stretch and twist, etc. Keep calm, try and relax, take a deep breath and slowly let it out as the piercing takes place. Tensing up can cause some difficulties with piercing certain areas e.g. nipples. Follow the aftercare advice given to you by your piercer; while friends and relatives can be well-meaning and may consider themselves an expert because they also have a piercing, your piercer is in the best position to advise you.

Why is my tongue really white with a whitish ring around my piercing?2022-11-01T15:07:54+00:00

This can be caused if you are using mouthwash too frequently and/or if it contains alcohol as it can destroy the layer of healthy bacteria on the top of your tongue. If this is the case, reduce the number of times you use mouthwash.

If I have a skin condition can I have a piercing?2022-11-01T15:06:30+00:00

If you have a rash, burn, broken skin, or sunburn in the area that will be pierced, you must wait until the skin has healed before you can receive the piercing. It is possible to pierce through scar tissue (to re-pierce an area where you used to have a piercing, for example), but the scar must be completely healed. If you remove a piercing and wish to re-pierce the area, in most cases you should wait for one to two months after removing the jewelry for the old piercing to fully heal.

How long should I wait before stretching my piercing?2022-11-01T15:04:40+00:00

Ideally, you should wait at least three times as long as the advised healing period before attempting any stretch. Stretching piercings takes time and patience. Scar tissue can build up and create ugly, problematic piercings that can be difficult to stretch. This allows the new skin some time to thicken and toughen up before it gets traumatized by the enlarging process. If you do decide to start to stretch your piercing keep the area clean, you may find that your stretch will smell this is due to a build-up of dead skin cells and bacteria.

Why do I have to start with titanium, stainless steel, or gold jewelry?2023-03-10T14:23:55+00:00

Titanium and high-grade surgical stainless steel, which is virtually nickel-free, will give you the best chances of infection and reaction-free piercing. Jewelery used by professional piercers is specially designed to allow the removal of dirt and bacteria effectively during the healing process. Allowing for full movement of the jewelry makes it much easier for you to clean your piercing properly. The metals that are used in this jewelry are also better for your skin and less likely to cause a reaction. There will be plenty of time to change your jewelry to reflect your personal style later. We carry 14k, and 18k yellow, rose, and white gold jewelry.

How long before I can change my jewelry?2022-11-01T15:02:56+00:00

Healing times can vary from person to person. The first part of the healing period is when your body creates a layer of skin between you and the first piece of jewelry used; the full healing period is when your new piercing is completely healed. Ask your piercer about the healing times for your particular piercing. Changing your jewelry before your piercing has completely healed remember that you could be re-opening the ‘piercing wound’. This will slow your healing process and will require thorough aftercare to prevent any possible infection. When you change your jewelry you are likely to irritate your new piercing, no matter how careful you are. If you are still keen to change your jewelry we advise that you wait until your piercing is no longer tender to touch (with clean hands) or sleep on.

What can and can’t I do during the healing period?2022-11-01T15:01:44+00:00

Treat your new piercing like you would a wound. For the first couple of days avoid anything that you think is likely to irritate your piercing. Treat your fresh piercings as gently as possible, this will help your body to heal as quickly as possible. Always remember to wash your hands thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap before touching your healing piercing. See our aftercare section for more information.

Will my piercing bleed?2023-03-10T14:19:36+00:00

Sometimes yes a new piercing will bleed. A small amount of bleeding the first day or two is not uncommon especially when you are cleaning your piercing. Sometimes there can be bruising to the tissue around the piercing site which causes discoloration of the skin, but this isn’t usually anything to worry about. If you have any issues please contact your piercer immediately

What should happen immediately after my piercing?2022-11-01T14:54:42+00:00

You should never feel rushed after you have had a piercing. Some people can feel shaky or their new piercing could feel slightly ‘strange and new’ so take the time that you need to feel comfortable to move. Tell your piercer if you feel unwell or faint; don’t be embarrassed, you won’t be the first! Some new piercings can take a couple of days to settle and look like they belong, especially if there has been some swelling, be patient. We will provide you with written aftercare information and should have an aftercare solution available for you to purchase.

What should I do before having a piercing?2022-11-01T14:53:40+00:00

Having your piercing done on an empty stomach is never a good idea. Eat a good meal before getting pierced to keep your blood sugar steady. If you have not eaten all day your blood sugar will be low, and low blood sugar could cause you to feel dizzy or, in some cases, to faint. Don’t have a drink to steady your nerves. You should also be asked to complete a consent form; this form should also provide you with information regarding the side effects of having a piercing

How old do I have to be to have a piercing?2023-03-10T14:22:05+00:00

We offer piercings starting at 14, Kansas Regulation requires a notarized consent form (which can be found on the homepage of our website) along with an accompanying parent, and both Minor and Parent must have valid State or Federal ID.


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I came to Talent to get my nose pierced and I’m so happy I did. Dylan is exactly the person you want working with you, he’s really friendly and helps you every step of the way. I was pretty nervous and he helped me calm down and relax, coached me through the process and was incredibly gentle. Awesome shop with some seriously outstanding people!

– Dakota Knapp


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